Ghazal Alagh: Mamaearth's journey

Namratha Vasu Namratha Vasu Follow Nov 28, 2021 · 1 min read
Ghazal Alagh: Mamaearth's journey
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Around early 2020, most of my social media was filled with mamearth products, the first product that caught my eye was their onion oil treatment for hairfall. This was something that I had never seen, although I didnt pick up their products then, I bought them recently and quite like them. The packaging is great and stands out, they’re also eco-friendly and all their packaging can be 100% recycled.

What I found particularly striking was their sense of branding and capturing the current trends in their products. There is a certain unqieuness in their offerings that can’t be found in other larger brands that have traditionanlly dominated the skin and healthcare consumer verticals.

Mama Earth’s marketing savvy, and keeping a keen eye on the pulse of the younger consumers has disrupted a large portion of the market. This effort has today led them to be worth $730 Million, which is a pretty insane achievment.

Behind Mama Earth is a couple, Ghazal Alagh and . They started the brand in , with the aim of . In a span of years, has become an icon and a role model for other women founders. She can be seen prominently talking about women empowernment, and sharing the hardships she experience while founding mama earth.

The biggest challenge that I faced, like most women entrepreneurs, was managing the work-life balance, especially being are a parent. There is only one way to solve it- never hesitate to ask for help, whether it is support of raising your startup or for raising your baby. We all need help and there is no shame in asking for it.

She prides herself in maintaining a very women friendly environmnet in Mamaearth. Building a company in the hyper competitive direct to consumer market is very difficult, and I hope to see Mamaearth with their unique offering succeed against the tradional goliaths in the business.


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